Nurtured Inspirations
Nurtured Inspirations
Susan Wright

Welcome to Nurtured Inspirations

A ❤️ Community of Parents & Educators Who Believe in Childhood Reimagined 🌱

About Our Community

We are a community of inspiring parents and educators who . . .
❤️ connect to listen, share & reflect in a free virtual gathering space.
❤️ benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.
❤️ share conversations, ideas, resources.

We gather to . . .
🌱 rediscover our *why*.
🌱 realign with our inner compass.
🌱 reconnect to our life's purpose.
🌱 reimagine the gifts we are meant to share.

We embrace play, mindfulness, art & nature to . . .
🦋 provoke curiosity, wonder, learning.
🦋 support children to connect with themselves, others, & the world around them.
🦋 guide children to discover their unique sense of identity.
🦋  nurture confidence, collaboration, autonomy, and well-being.  

Join us as we cultivate the endless possibilities of a childhood reimagined.

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

Why You'll Love It Here &
Why We Love That You're Here

We offer a safe haven for parents & educators like you who . . .

❤️  crave an algorithm-and-ad-free space without the noise of social media.
❤️  appreciate meaningful connections and open-minded conversation.
❤️  seek fresh ideas, inspiring perspectives, practical resources & strategies.
❤️  love to participate from the comfort of home.

We thrive on the collective wisdom of our community, which means . . .
🌱  you matter; your voice matters; every person in our community matters.
🌱  you are invited to share the gifts that only you have.
🌱  others will share the gifts that only they have.
🌱  together, we inspire the hearts and minds of one another.

We are inspiring leaders & learners who  . . .
🦋  nurture, guide, & inspire children & ourselves.
🦋  leave footprints on the hearts & minds of one another.
🦋  foster a hope for today & all of our tomorrows.

An Inspiring New Vision:
Childhood Reimagined

Founded in 2013, Nurtured Inspirations continues to cultivate a . . . 
❤️  globally connected community of those who share their days with children.
❤️  place to gather to share thought-provoking conversations and helpful resources.
❤️  nurturing environment of well-being, connections & dedication to children.

Our evolution continues to inspire our heart-driven community to . . .
🌱  thrive, learn & grow in ever-evolving & transformative ways.
🌱  gather regularly in the spirit of raising & educating our children.
🌱  focus on the whole being of children and ourselves.

We gather together as a community to nurture one another with  . . .
🦋  personal stories, experiences & reflections emerging from our days with children.
🦋  something bigger than ourselves as we realign the meaning & purpose of our life.
🦋  much needed time to become as well as time to un-become.
🦋  a hope for today & a wish for the future of humanity by way of our children.
🦋  inspiring conversations, events, workshops, resources, and more.

~ Susan Wright, Founder, Nurtured Inspirations